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Salam Tegangan Tinggi! Ngeri! An Excelent Lab’s Services always depend on the quality of the assistants. But as the time went on, Regeneration need to be done in order to keep the Quality in check. As We Ending our Term in 2018, ,it’s now a Great moment to Preapare our new generation of Assistants to […]

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CONGRATULATIONS! On your Success Taking part in our High Voltage Practicum. Your Progresses and Results will be given out in The Letter Of Satisfaction, which can be taken on THURSDAY 8TH NOVEMBER – 15 NOVEMBER 2018 CONGRATULATIONS FOR ACHIEVING THE HIGHEST SCORE:   ALIF RAHMATULLAH 82,7 YUSRI BAKHTIAR 83,3 REFLI MAULANA 84,7 LIST OF STUDENT SCORES […]

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 List Of Added  Thesis topics / Testing Activities / Research Activities Which will be Using ::HIGH VOLTAGE Laboratorium:: For a Complete List Of All Activities and Research Ever Recorded Using Our Lab, Please Click Box Below     UPDATE OKTOBER 2018 Pengaruh diameter dan Bentuk Elektroda terhadap Tingkat Arus bocor pada Isolator Polyethilene (NEW OKTOBER) Reseacher  […]

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Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM) is a finite element package for solving 2D planar and axisymmetric problems in low frequency magnetics and electrostatics. The package is composed of an interactive shell encompassing graphical pre- and postprocessing; a mesh generator; and various solvers. A powerful scripting language, Lua 4.0, is integrated with the program. The current version […]

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Congratulations ! For All Participants that Passed The Pretest Roster Shift can be Filled imidiately in Our Lab.   List of Passed Participants ::::: Participants 2nd Periode

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Para Peserta Shift 1 Mengikuti Post Test Hari Senin      On Monday and Tuesday (15 dan 16 Oktober 2018) Post-Test as the last Activity on High Voltage Practicum Was Held. It Was Followed by 50 Participants that register on 1st Period This Term. The test itself was divided into two Shifts. Following the Tradition […]

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At last !! The Most Prestigious and Awaited Practicum Is Here ! Greetings and Welcome! Please Do the Registration For All Period within these Dates :    3 September 2018 – 7 September 2018 We are Opening two Periodes in this semester With Each Timeline are written As Follow : Periode 1 : Pre – test  […]

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In 2017, There are 74 Respondens. All of Them are Students Of Universitas Brawijaya That went to the High Voltage Practicum In Our Lab. Here are the Responses Given in Pie Chart: Types Of Activities (Up to down: Practicum, Testing, Research) Laboratories Condition and Cleanliness (Very Poor, Poor, Par, Good, Very Good, Other) Laboratories Equipment […]

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::Materials For The Practicum’s  PRETEST:: Tools Functions SOP EXPERIMENT IN HIGH VOLTAGE LABORATORY SECT. 1 Generating and Measuring Techniques For High Voltage AC SECT. 2 Efficiency Factor In Electric Field By Geometry Shapes SECT. 3 High Voltage AC Distribution in Chain Isolator SECT. 4 Generating and Measuring High Voltage DC ; and Polarity Effect SECT.  5 Generating […]

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