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Salam Tegangan Tinggi! Ngeri!

An Excelent Lab’s Services always depend on the quality of the assistants. But as the time went on, Regeneration need to be done in order to keep the Quality in check. As We Ending our Term in 2018, ,it’s now a Great moment to Preapare our new generation of Assistants to keep the Quality Services Relay With Pride, Responsibility, and Highest Commitment.


Open Recruitment Event Summary 2018:

All Open Recruitment Participants :

Peserta OP

Open Recuitment 2018 Timeline and Details :

  • Online Registration (5-9 Nov 2018)
  • Requirements and Documents  Submission (5-9 Nov 2018)
  • Knowledge and Psychology Tests (10 Nov 2018)


In This test, all participants were given many questions and problems around High Voltages Practicum and Materials. The test was meant to value the participants in which they can fulfill these criteria:

-Mastering in Practicum Materials
-Honesty & Flawless Communication

  • Case Study Test (10 Nov 2018)

Studi 2 Studi

Case Study is a Test to view participants opinion around common and uncommon problem they have to face when entering Their Job. in consist on Problem such as team works, etc. The test is held with a Group System, and each member of the group Held a position to simulate real life debate and conflict in High Voltage Daily Jobs. The Test was meant to value each participants to fulfill each criteria:

- Team Work – Responsibilty – Initiative – Problem Solving-

  • Teaching, and Presentation Test (17 & 22 Nov 2018)

Ajar Ajar2

In this part of the test, the participants are asked to make an essay around high voltage and present it infront of the judges, in groups. and Participant are required to simulate real life teaching method in front of Current Assistants. The topics are around High AC,DC, Impuls Voltage. The Test was meant to value each participants to fulfill each criteria:

- Communication skills - Delivering Materials- Confidence- Team work- Essay Writing- Creativity

-Firmness- Decision Making -Crowd Control – Equipment’s Knowledge

  • Interview With Current Assistants (24 Nov 2018) & Head Of Laboratory (29 Nov 2018)

Wawancara Wawancara 2

The interview was Held to see the participants in depth, with their mind, attitude and logical thinking around themselves and other people.The Test was meant to value each participants to fulfill each criteria:

- Communication- Psychology- Commitment- Attitude-SelfManagement

  • Score Calculations & Private Meeting with Head Of Lab (29 Nov 2018)

A Private meeting between Current Assistand and Head Of laboratory was held to Decide the result of the event. Some debates were shown in the middle of intense discussion which resulting in the Taking of 7 new assistant to serve in the 2019

  • Result Announcement(4 Des 2018)

Umum atas

The end and the longest Pinnacle of the event is the Result Announcement. In this event, The head laboratory gave a motivational speech right before the announcement of the 7 New Asssistants. As The event went on, The Head Laboratory also gave a certificate to all Participant with A result letter. The participants were given a chance to give a Critic and Suggestion for the next event. This is the last activity of the entire 2018 Open Recruitment event.

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Umum Bawah
Open Recruitment Result


Thank You Participants For  Your Spirits!
Welcome For The New Assistants!
–Enjoy  The Duty!–