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shift 1 post

Para Peserta Shift 1 Mengikuti Post Test Hari Senin

     On Monday and Tuesday (15 dan 16 Oktober 2018) Post-Test as the last Activity on High Voltage Practicum Was Held. It Was Followed by 50 Participants that register on 1st Period This Term. The test itself was divided into two Shifts. Following the Tradition Of High Voltage Laboratorium, Format of the Test was Pop Quiz + Knowledge Sharing.

Periode 2 post

Para Peserta Post Test Shift 2  Hari Selasa

     This Format was begun by Head Of Laboratory asking questions about the Practicum Materials to the students. Like Quizzes in General, the students must compete to get the chance of answering the questions. In The end of the each Section, Head Of Lab gave another opportunity for Students who didn’t get the chance. Ensuring The Student’s Rights.

periode 2 post2

      In the end of the test, Students are given the chance to ask the Head Of Laboratory about the practicum materials / tests itself. Students are also given the chance to comment about the Practicum. From The Responses they can conclude that the activities are very Positive, Useful, and should be continued for days to come.

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